The Barnum & Bailey Circus

Cool Poster

The Barnum & Bailey Circus, a cool poster uploaded by: Antoon’s Foobar

This poster is art first, promotion second.
A poster for the Barnum & Bailey Circus advertises the ‘Peerless Prodigies of Physical Phenomena’ show which includes appearances by the ‘Smallest Man Alive’ and the ‘Congo Giant’.


2 responses to “The Barnum & Bailey Circus

  • Meg Doran

    I would like an idea of how much the original would be worth of The Peerless Prodigies of Physical Phenomena.
    If you could give me an idea that would be great!
    Thanks inadvance,

  • Dell Atlas

    Sorry, Meg. We don’t sell the posters, we just put them on display. I would check with ebay.

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