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Muhammad Ali

Is he wearing an loop earring? Dude, your toughness factor just went down six points.


Spider-man Photomosaic

Photo mosaic + Spider-man = Awesome

Bobsaic Marley

music_reggae_photography_photomosaic_bob marley_robert silvers_poster_668487101784 by futtrdoc.

Man, I love photo mosaics, making even the most mundane subjects interesting.

Barack “Out of Many”

I think he might have ripped that off of our country’s motto, which is already pretty well-known. Get your own quotes, Obama!

The Simpsons Photomosaic

The Simpsons Movie Poster Mosaic by ...lord Alessandro Zarcone.

I don’t get it, the pig was in the movie for a total of five minutes, didn’t do anything, and yet somehow made it into the poster and trailers.

Phelps Photomosaic

Huge Michael Phelps poster mosaic by robbmonty.
Maybe this picture is really a metaphor. Something thing like “In every gold medal, there are hundreds of other gold medals inside…literally.”

Snoopy Photomosaic

Joe Cool by mag3737.

I suppose it’s more of a jigsaw puzzle. Well, actually it IS a jigsaw puzzle, but it’s too cool not to put on here anyway.