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Bull Fighting

Never thought I would see a bullfighting poster, let alone one quite like this.


Raffling Hockey Players

This poster is dripping with hockey puns. Apparently, hockey players are perfect men.

Dragon Tennis

Novak Djokovic and the BNP Paribas Masters by ask curly.
Is it just me, or is this the most awesome sports poster ever made? And it’s a tennis poster, who would’ve thunk?

DC Stadium Poster

DCist Exposed 2007 by c00lmarie.

An angle not traditionally used to take photos of a baseball field. It’s fresh and compositionally well done too.

Muhammad Ali

Is he wearing an loop earring? Dude, your toughness factor just went down six points.

Phelps Photomosaic

Huge Michael Phelps poster mosaic by robbmonty.
Maybe this picture is really a metaphor. Something thing like “In every gold medal, there are hundreds of other gold medals inside…literally.”

Joe Ledbetter this is Sportswear poster

Cool Poster

Joe Ledbetter, a cool poster uploaded by: tixinda

Nike convocó a 6 artistas extranjeros : 123klan, Joe Ledbetter, Big Foot, Jason Maloney, Carlos Ramos, Jesse Reno y 2 nacionales : Yurievi y Tixinda.
se realizaron 3 diferentes posters de cada artista + pintura mural de todos para la 1er tienda en Latinoamérica de NIKE sportswear.